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Hair Problems
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  • Avatar
    Dhanesh ★★★★★

    24 year old, Male

    Mumbai, Maharashtra

    Many benifits in one tablet

    I have been taking these immunity booster tablets for quite some time now. It is quite effective and efficient.
    Immunity: 10/10
    I am very sensitive to slightest weather changes and quite quick to catch cold. I used to take vitamin c tablets , but I feel these are quite better alternatives.
    Stress and Vision: 9/10
    My job demand me to be infornt of my laptop almost 8- 10 hours a day. I feel less stress and dryness in my eyes after taking these tablets.
    Digestion: 9/10
    Due to high demanding desk job, I get little to no time for exercise .so proper digestion has always been a problem. I have started to feel some relief after taking the tablets.
    Cost: 10/10
    60 tablets came at a cost of 255 from It's quite pocket friendly.

    I would recommend these tablets they are do not have any harmful chemicals.

  • Avatar
    Lakshmi Murthy ★★★★★

    55 year old, Female

    Bangalore, Karnataka

    Entrepreneur suffering from body inflammation and swelling exact cause not known

    I have been taking Findmyhealth personalised herb mix for Inflammation and swelling, it has done for me what other doctors failed to do - Cured me! It is the best supplement that I have ever come across.

  • Avatar
    Amulya Gowda ★★★★★

    25 year old, Female

    Bangalore, Karnataka

    Season change causing cold and sore throat

    I have been using ITect Immunity Booster from last two months... I used to fall sick from cold and sore throat very often and one of my friends suggested this product and I can see good result after using this product and no side effects. Happy about this product and highly recommend to buy this product

  • Avatar
    Narinder Singh ★★★★★

    65 year old, Male

    New Delhi

    Best Supplement with multiple benefits

    Very good product, had constipation issues, resolved to a large extent, fatigue has reduced, this is my fourth bottle, I want to continue using it for a long time. There were no side effects unlike allopathy medicines

  • Avatar
    Rajesh Kumar ★★★★

    40 year old, Male

    Pune, Maharashtra

    Suffering from Insomnia and Stress

    Thanks to Findmyhealth, I finally stopped taking sleeping pills (restyl) and my sleep score is getting better. Been suffering from Insomnia and stress for the last 5 years. The effect of findmyhealth personalised herb mix seemed like magic to me.

  • Avatar
    Jayshree ★★★★★

    30 year old, Female

    Hyderabad, Telangana

    Artist suffering from Skin problems since childhood

    I was super skeptical about Ayurveda until my sister suggested me Findmyhealth personalised herb mix for my skin problem. Being sensitive to any dust or products, any new products would cause allergic reactions to my skin. It's been 1 month and I can see the changes in my skin and lesser episodes of itching.

  • Avatar
    Rohini Prasad ★★★★★

    38 year old, Female

    Bangalore, Karnataka


    Looking to boost my immunity: During the flu season, my family were down with a very bad flu which lasted for days together. I was worried about my own health since I was taking care of all the sick family members and could not afford to fall sick myself. Regular intake of Immune booster I Tect helped me to ward off the virus with minimal symptoms. I was very happy that I could take care of my family without compromising on my health, thanks to Findmyhealth.

  • Avatar
    Jebin ★★★★★

    30 year old, Male

    Chennai, TamilNadu

    Software engineer

    I had episodes of disturbed sleep quite often. It affected my overall health. I took Personalized herb mix from FindMyHealth for 1 month. My sleep got much better. Later during the pandemic, to be safe and to keep good immunity, I started taking ITect Immunity Booster for the past 3 months every single day. I can feel the difference. In spite of the weather changes and construction dust pollutants, my body is able to fight and I am healthy. Thank you FindMyHealth.

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