What is the main cause of urticaria?

Asked by: Aryambika U.S
Asked At: 1yr ago
Aryambika U.S Expert Answer
Answered: 1yr ago
Foods allergies , Infections,  Intestinal parasites, Extreme temperatures like sunlight exposure, changes in temperature, exercise. Pet hairs, dust mites, pollen. Cockroaches and cockroach waste. Some plants, including nettles, poison ivy, and poison oak. Insect bites and stings. Some chemicals, latex. Chronic illness, high body temperature or medication. Other predisposing/Promoting causes are: Excess intake of salty and pungent food. Eating large amounts of sour gruel's. Excessive intake of mustard. Exposure to cold wind or contact of cold substances. Day sleep. Suppression of vomiting re-flux.