I'm 45 years age since 10 years ago I had problems of sneezing and coughing running nose .now thickness running nose and dirt block I side my nose continuely I have to clear inside my nose with hard thin stick how can it get cure running nose please suggest.

Asked by: Marcel Halam
Asked At: 1yr ago
Aryambika U.S Expert Answer
Answered: 1yr ago
Symptoms like coughing, sneezing, runny nose, thickened dirt mucus , all these symptoms suggests that you're affected with a respiratory illness.  According to Ayurveda vata, pitta, kapha are the three vital forces in the body. Among this kapha dosha is mainly located in the upper trunk. Vata can cause dryness and crunchy blockages, and pitta can bring inflammation. The vitiation of vata, pitta and kapha will lead to Swasa roga i.e, Respiratory diseases. Respiratory diseases have different manifestations. Sometimes allergy sufferers don’t know whether they’re suffering from seasonal allergies, a nasty cold or even asthma that might require a doctor’s attention.  You can get relief by adopting a proper treatment plan. As per Ayurveda proper treatment involved designing a personalised cure including herbs and lifestyle changes specific to the individual. At FindMyHealth we combine AI and Ayurveda to help our users unlock the true power of Ayurveda, with a custom built supplement. Please book a consultation with one of our doctors at this link to find further help: https://www.findmyhealth.com/consultation.