I have piles problem...some time i got pain and sweeling in my anal...and i am suffering from back pain...my humble request to experts....reply my message.

Asked by: Baby
Asked At: 1yr ago
Aryambika U.S Expert Answer
Answered: 1yr ago
Anal fissure, Anal abscess, Piles (hemorrhoids), and Anal fistula , are the common diseases in  anal area associated with pain and swelling. So by considering these two symptoms , we cant get into a proper diagnosis.  Please use our doctor consultation facility - for proper diagnosis, https://www.findmyhealth.com/consultation.  You can get relief by adopting a proper treatment plan. As per Ayurveda proper treatment involved designing a personalised cure including herbs and lifestyle changes specific to the individual. At FindMyHealth we combine AI and Ayurveda to help our users unlock the true power of Ayurveda, with a custom built supplement.