How to improve mood and alertness in the morning?

Asked by: Yash
Asked At: 52d ago
Rhiannon Lalrempui
Answered: 52d ago
Maintain your daily routine of eating, sleeping, waking up. Try to sleep early at the same time everyday, avoid screen and eating before bed. Take dinner 3 hrs before your bedtime to properly digest your food and prepare your body for a good rest. Maintain a balanced diet, eating what suits your digestive system and body. Morning routine to follow:1. Drink lukewarm water.2. Clean up and used washroom, take a shower.3. Do simple stretching expertise/Yoga and Pranayama/Breathing exercise.4. Have a nutritious breakfast which should not be too heavy or light, if you overeat in the morning it will make you lethargy whole day. A light but filling meal in the morning will make you active and keep you alert.5. Eat food which are rich in antioxidant like broccoli, oranges, rich i8n Omega-3 fatty acids like fish, seeds, nuts. Fruits and Vegetables rich in antioxidants will increase alertness, concentration and improve the moods.6. Digestion and metabolism plays a big role in improving our energy level as well as mood. You must keep your digestion strong and healthy to stay healthy, happy and active. Follow mindful eating, listen to your body and eat what you can digest.Lastly, follow few easy Ayurvedic therapy at home like oil pulling, nasya with ghee (nose drops), body and head oil massage to keep your brain and head organs Healthy, Alert and Strong!