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Ayurvedic take on internal and external health and appearance:

  • Human body functions as innumerable psycho-biological processes such as enzyme production, nuero-transmitter secretion, hormonal, respiratory and digestive, immune power etc.
  • These act rhythmically and in concern with one another to perform complex decision-making regarding the supply of nutrients, filtration of toxins, excretion of wastes and much more.
  • Any changes can cloud the normal function from toxin build up or make the body weak. If unaddressed leading to disease.
  • Imbalance occurs in the body due to lifestyle factors, such as unhealthy food choices, stress or environmental influences.
Improving looks ayurvedic ways:
  • Ayurveda emphasizes on improving looks both internally and externally.
  • According to Ayurveda happsiness, gloom, sadness and relaxation reflect our face and body and cannot be disguised.
  • Toxin build up and free radicals damage the cells in our body leading to degenerative processes and premature aging.
  • Our goal is to change one's appearance by correcting or protecting the body or keeping the body in good condition.
Ayurvedic Tip by Experts

Health promotion, beauty management, healing in ayurveda rely on freeing the body of toxins and free radicals, resorting all functional health, facilitating complete elimination and re-establishing the balance of the doshas.

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