World Health Organisation (WHO) defines obesity as “ Abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health”. As the definition says Overweight or obesity poses a risk when the fat accumulation is more than the normal range. Obesity is now a major Public Health concern. It is a medical problem that increases your risk of other diseases and health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers.


  • Breathlessness
  • Increased sweating
  • Snoring
  • Inability to cope with sudden physical activity
  • Feeling very tired every day
  • Back and joint pains
  • Low confidence and self esteem


1.Sedentary lifestyle - leading to low metabolism and weakened digestive system.

2.Unhealthy eating


  • Eating food in indigestion or when the previous meal isn't digested
  • Incompatible food
  • Eating in stress
  • Taking food at irregular time 
  • Taking excessive amount of diet 
  • Eating too fast or too slow
  • Eating fatty and oily food

3.Lack of sleep and stress

4.Lack of exercise

5.Family inheritance and influences

Obesity in Ayurveda is called “Medoroga” which is an imbalance of the Meda dhatu that  includes the fat tissue and fat metabolism. According to Ayurveda there are three biological elements present in our body: vata , pitta and kapha which should be in balance. The weight gain cycle begins with changes in lifestyle and diet. This weakens the digestive fire (agni) which leads to accumulation of toxins (ama) leading to imbalance in meda dhatu.


Treatment protocol aims at:

  1. Adjusting metabolic processes by reducing Ama and the excess fat
  2. Strengthen the digestive and tissue fire and clear body channels
  3. Rejuvenate the whole body and treat the complications associated with Obesity

The first line of treatment should always be avoiding the causative factors. If the problem persists then consider the following treatment protocol.

  • If your body is carrying excess weight, it can be exhausting. It also puts extra strain on your heart, which can make you tired. Carrying excess weight just around your neck or throat can cause snoring. Obesity causes mechanical compression of the diaphragm, lungs, and chest cavity, which can lead to breathlessness. People with extra weight especially in their stomach pulls the pelvis forward and strains the lower back, creating lower back pain and also make the person more prone to sweating and low confidence
  • Shunthi, Maricha ,Pippali, Chitrakadi vati helps to correct the fat metabolism and digestion by correcting the agni. 
  • Kanchanara guggulu helps to remove the excess fat from the body and also reduce the back pain associated with obesity.
  • Medo pachak and Lashuna remove the excess fat particles from blood and also remove the obstruction from the blood vessels. 
  • Haritaki and  Arogyavardhini vati helps to rejuvenate the whole body and help to maintain the normal body functions.

Other therapies - Virechana/Purgation therapy (cleaning digestive tract and purifies blood), Udwarthana, Vasti (enema).


Shunthi, Maricha ,Pippali, Chitrakadi vati,  Kanchanara guggulu, Medo pachak , Lashuna,    Arogyavardhini vati 

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