Lodhra - benefits, dosage and side effects

Lodhra, Symplocos racemosa is a small, evergreen tree, upto 6-8.5 m tall found in the plains and lower hills throughout North and East India, ascending in the Himalayas up to an elevation of 1400 m, Bengal, Assam and Chota Nagpur.

This weed possesses a wide range of medicinal uses including treatment for dysentery, bowel complaints, inflammations, vaginal discharges, abortion and miscarriages, snake bites.

A wide range of bioactive compounds including flavonoids, tannins, loturine, loturidine, colloturine, linoleic acid, salireposide, symplocos side, betasito-glycoside, symploveroside, benzoylsalireposide, salireposide etc. have been isolated from this plant.

Herb - Lodhra

 Ayurvedic Action

Rasa (Taste)Kashya, Tikta
Virya (Energy)Seeta, (Cold)
Vipak (Post-digestive effect)Katu
Guna (Quality)Light, Dry
Doshic EffectBalances - K-P

Health Benefits

Female reproductive disorders

Lodhra can significantly stimulate the serum FSH level and serum LH level And is useful in uterine disorders.

Lodhra has antimicrobial activity. It inhibits the growth of micro-organisms involved in the vaginal infection. So it is very helpful in conditions like Leuchorrhea. Lodhra also has anti-inflammatory, astringent and cooling properties.

Astringent and hemostatic properties of lodhra controls  the heavy mentsrual bleeding.

Hepatoprotective activity

Lodhra is loaded with hepatoprotective and hepato-stimulative properties. The herb supports liver functioning by secreting bile and  helps the liver enzymes to tune down to normal levels. It also detoxifies the liver and improves liver functioning.

Skin Health

Lodhra is beneficial for the skin as it helps to control acne due to its anti-inflammatory property and antioxidant properties of . It prevents wrinkles and protects the skin cells against damage caused by free radicals . So it is used as an ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams. Lodhra bark  helps to heal wounds due to its strong healing property.


Antimicrobial, Antidiarrheal and astringent properties help to manage the digestion and control intestinal secretions.

Gum health

Lodhra is helpful in periodontal disease and in the treatment of a variety of oral diseases because of its antimicrobial property.

Diabetic management

Lodhra can be utilized against diabetic complications and it plays a major role in overall management of diabetic patients when used in formulation. Alongside it also proof that ancient wisdom was already utilizing these properties for the management of DM.

Major complications in diabetes mellitus are the reason behind inflammation in body tissues, organs etc. so the anti-inflammatory property may be utilized against complications. It may be used as preventive measure against diabetic complications and for the patients relieves

Lodhra extracts are having nervine tonic and good healing properties that may be utilized in diabetic wound healing as well as nervine damage. It may play a preventive role over neuropathy complications as well as body tissue damage complications.

Antioxidant properties are helping in person to avoid many ailments and keep body tissues healthy. 

Dosage and side effects (only after consultation with an ayurvedic doctor).

  • 3-5 g of the drug in powder form
  • 20-30 g of the drug in for decoction

Part used: Bark, leaves, fruit.

It should also not be taken on an empty stomach as it chiefly causes abdominal heaviness, constipation and nausea in individuals with gastrointestinal disturbances. It is strictly advised to consult a doctor before taking it during pregnancy, lactation or if you have any chronic disease.


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