The drug laksha is widely used in ayurvedic preparations both externally and internal purposes. The drug is highly recommended in case of injury, fractures and being used in the formulations laksha guggulu, bala lakshadi tailam, etc.

Lac (also called Laksha) is a slick serum and secretion from a scale insect species Laccifer lacca. These insects suck the sap of several plants and bushes and secrete Lac as a protective covering. 

Ayurvedic Action

Rasa (Taste)Kashya
Virya (Energy)Cooling(Heat)
Vipak (Post-digestive effect)Katu
Guna (Quality)
Light, Snigdha-unctuous
Doshic EffectBalances - K-P

Health Benefits

Bleeding disorderes

Haemostatic property of laksha is useful in managing conditions like nasal bleeding, heavy periods and ulcertive colitis.

 Used to Heal Fractures

Laksha helps in binding of the broken and empty bones, and fills them with calcium. Thus helping in deposition of calcium. 

Skin health

Laksha stops bleeding in wounds and injuries, heals skin ulcers, speeds up recovery process of ulcer, wounds and other skin diseases. Varnaya property of laksha helps to improve the skin complexion.


Lac is used as an anti-obesity drug and is used in most of the skin cosmetic products.

Lasha is also helpful in conditions like cough, cold , fever and worm infestations.


Dosage and side effects (only after consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor).

The dosage for Lac depends on the health conditions and other several factors including age, symptoms and diseases. The general dosage of Lac varies from 100 mg to 1000 mg. Its dosage should not exceed 2 grams per day. The preferable adjuvant for Lac and its product is Cow’s Milk.

Some people can have an allergic reaction to Lac, so if you are allergic to any kind of gum or plant extracts, you should avoid using it for medicinal purposes.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should completely avoid Lac or containing products because it might be POSSIBLY UNSAFE. There is no scientific evidence available about its safety and efficacy during pregnancy and lactation.



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