Hyperthyroidism is a condition where the body produces too much thyroid hormones (thyroxine). The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the front of your neck. It releases hormones to help your body regulate and use energy.


  1. Unexplained weight loss
  2. Increased appetite
  3. Nervousness/irritability
  4. Change in menstrual pattern
  5. Fatigue/Tiredness
  6. Increased sensitivity to heat
  7. Excessive sweating
  8. Change in bowel habits
  9. Enlargement of thyroid gland
  10. Anxiety
  11. Irregular heart beat
  12. Difficulty falling asleep at night
  13. Muscle weakness
  14. Skin thinning
  15. Fine, brittle hair

According to Ayurveda there are three biological elements present in our body; vata pitta and kapha and which should be in balance. Hypothyroidism is caused due to imbalance in Vata , Pitta and impaired digestive fire(Agni) leading to blockage in all channels and resulting in impaired functioning of thyroid gland.


  • Graves' disease - is an autoimmune disorder in which antibodies produced by your immune system stimulate your thyroid to produce too much thyroxine(T4)
  • Hyper functioning thyroid nodules (toxic adenoma, toxic multinodular goiter or Plummer's disease). It occurs when one or more adenomas of your thyroid produce too much T4
  • Thyroiditis. Sometimes your thyroid gland can become inflamed after pregnancy, due to an autoimmune condition or for unknown reasons

Predisposing factors-

  • Eating food in indigestion or when the previous meal isn't digested
  • Incompatible food
  • Eating in stress
  • Taking food at irregular time 
  • Taking excessive amount of diet 
  • Eating too fast or too slow
  • Sedentary lifestyle


  1. Promote normal functioning of the thyroid gland
  2. Relief from complications of hypothyroidism
  3. Rejuvenation of the whole body and maintaining an actively functioning thyroid gland

The first line of treatment should always be avoiding the causative factors. If the problem persists then should consider the following treatment protocol.

  • Hyperthyroidism can accelerate your body's metabolism, causing increased appetite, rapid or irregular heartbeat, sweating, fine brittle hair - Kanchanara guggulu, Kanchanara , Vakeri, are helpful to maintain the normal metabolic rate and enhance the normal functioning of thyroid gland by removing the obstruction from the channels. 
  • Increased metabolic rate burns more energy and leads to weight loss, muscle weakness, and Fatigue and overstimulation of the nervous system due to high production of thyroid hormones makes it hard to fall asleep, anxiety and irritability as the brain requires thyroid hormones to function correctly - Ashwagandha, Guduchi  and Shatavari help to improve overall strength and stamina of the body and improve immunity also. 
  • Mandukaparni is helpful in managing anxiety, irritability and its natural action on blood circulation helps to relieve skin thinning
  • Hyperthyroidism causes changes in menstrual cycle because it affects other hormones that play a role in menstruation - Chandraprabha vati is helpful in restoring thyroid hormone balance and also helps to balance the menstrual cycle.


Kanchanara guggulu, Kanchanara , Vakeri,  Ashwagandha, Guduchi  , Shatavari , Chandraprabha vati

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