Haritaki (Terminalia chebula ) possesses a great therapeutic value and is widely distributed in India. Haritaki is held in high esteem in Ayurveda for its properties to prevent and cure diseases. 

It has enjoyed the prime place among medicinal herbs in India since ancient times. It is called the ‘King of Medicines’ and is always listed first in Ayurveda because of its extraordinary therapeutic benefits.

Herb - Haritaki

Ayurvedic Actions

Rasa (Taste)Madhura, Amla,Katu, Tikta, Kasaya
Virya (Energy)Cooling
Vipak (Post-digestive effect)Sweet
Guna (Quality)Light, Dry(rukha)
Doshic EffectBalances v- p-k

Health Benefits

Manages Diabetes

Haritaki helps in controlling blood sugar levels and decreases insulin sensitivity in the body.

Haritaki and Digestive health

Haritaki powder helps in removing the toxins from the body and keeps the digestive system on track. Haritaki is a natural blood purifier. Haritaki if taken in form of powder regulates hunger, and if combined with a balanced diet and exercises leads to weight loss. It is also extremely effective in reducing stomach acidity and minimizing the chances of various stomach ulcers.

Haritaki for constipation

The powdered fruit also has a mild laxative effect on the body and hence treats constipation by decreasing flatulence, cleansing the intestines and removing waste products from the body. Haritaki is beneficial in digestion, it is a natural laxative and contains dietary fibers, which fights constipation.

Haritaki for skin

Haritaki is one of the amazing natural ingredients to cleanse the skin. As it can remove the toxins of your body, taking Haritaki powder internally can get your skin cleansed. You can get glowing skin by taking it regularly as the toxins will get out of your body. It helps to treat acne problems too. Mix required haritaki powder with little water and make a paste out of it. Just apply the paste on the affected area on your face.

Haritaki for health of gums and teeth and treating dental problems:

Haritaki is very good for treating dental problems like bleeding gum, other gum diseases, infections and teeth problems.

Haritaki for Hair

 Haritaki is good for promoting hair growth, controlling hair loss, treating lice, treating dandruff problems, preventing grey hair (white hair) and maintaining the natural color of your hair.

Dosage and side effects (only after consultation with an ayurvedic doctor)

Part used -  Fruit rind.

Powder - 3-6 g

Contraindicated - pregnant women, weak person, dehydrated patients, lock jaw.


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