Daruharidra - a wonder wood with medicinal qualities

Daruharidra means the wood having yellow color is one of the herbs mentioned in ancient  scriptures of Ayurveda. Daruharidra (Berberis aristata DC) has been used in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine for more than 3000 years. 

It is a red-listed endemic medicinal plant species of conservation concern and has become very important in recent years due to its rarity and huge demand in the medicinal plant sector.

Herb - Daruharidra

Ayurvedic Actions

Rasa (Taste)Tikta
Virya (Energy)Heating
Vipak (Post-digestive effect)Sweet
Guna (Quality)Dry
KarmaSthanyasodhana - Breast milk cleansing, Digestive - Pachana

Health benefits

Anti-diabetic activity

The anti-diabetic (diabetes mellitus) activity of stem bark reduces blood glucose level. B.aristata root extract was found to possess anti hyperglycemic and strong anti oxidative properties by reducing blood glucose level restoring antioxidant status, reducing oxidative stress and modulating enzymes for glucose metabolism.

Liver Health

Berberine in Daruharidra helps to lower the level of triglycerides, and liver enzymes like  ALT and AST in the blood. Daruharidra also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective (liver protective) activities. Daruharidra is effective in treating condition like Liver cirrhosis, Fatty liver. Also helpful in treating jaundice.


For menorrhagia or heavy menstrual bleeding or excessive secretion of menstrual blood, Kashaya (astringent) property in the Daruharidra helps to control heavy menstrual bleeding.


Daruharidra has good antimicrobial activity. It inhibits the pathogens that cause diarrhea.

Daruharidra helps to improve digestive fire due to its Ushna (hot) potency and controls the frequency of motion.

Dosage and side effects (only after consultation with an ayurvedic doctor)

Daruharidra Churna - ¼ - ½ teaspoon twice a day.


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