Concept of personalized Ayurveda for Acidity

Hyperacidity, also known as gastritis or acid reflux, is the inflammation of the stomach's lining that is usually caused by excessive production of acid, largely hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It is one of the commonest diseases seen in all age groups. 

Personalised herbs for Acidity
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According to Ayurveda there are three fundamental energies present in our body: Vata, Pitta, Kapha which should be in balance. Hyperacidity, known as Amlapitta (Amla means sour; Pitta means heat) is caused due to the aggravation of pitta dosha and production of ama (toxins). 

Click here to learn more about causes of acidity. Severity of acidity varies from person to person, Because the body type or constitution of each individual is different, In a person with pitta constitution the severity of acidity is more than the rest of the type. So the treatment is also different for them.

At FMH Clinic, each individual is analysed constitutionally (using AI) followed by proper Ayurvedic disease diagnosis and then we provide personalized herbal mix, that is unique to each individual according to their body constitution and identifying the underlying factors (dosha) of their condition and help to treat them from the root.

Allopathic antacids might seem like a quick relief, but it is just a symptomatic relief only. Antacids are the destroyers of the gut fauna which means it causes more harm than good. 

FMH personalized supplements are made up from a combination of best suited natural herbs and formulations that can help regularize the imbalanced doshas, also help to address your symptoms by treating the root causes, maintain physical and mental health and create inner harmony.  Multi-action herbs of FMH personalized supplement gently heals your body from inside by 

  1. Giving relief from heartburn and sour belching and maintaining the normal gastric juice production and digestion.
  2. Prevention of complications and improving overall digestive health and peristalsis so that recurrence of Hyperacidity can be prevented.
  3. Regular intake of supplements to cure symptoms of Hyperacidity in the form of herbs and herbo-mineral preparations.

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