Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama surges the flow of air into the body to produce heat at both the physical and subtle level–stoking the inner fire of mind and body, like the bellows(blowers) fan the fire. 

Bhastrika Pranayama
Bhastrika Pranayama

The Sanskrit word “bhastrika” means “bellows” mostly used by blacksmiths to melt metal.

How to do Bhastrika Pranayama?

  1. Sit in Padmasana (Lotus Pose). Or Vajrasana or any comfortable sitting position, Rest the hands on the knees.
  2. Take in a deep breath and breathe out forcefully through the nose, without any strain.
  3. Immediately, breathe in with the same force.
  4. Inhale and exhale repeatedly, deeply and thoroughly, using the diaphragmatic muscles with vigour. The abdomen moves out during inhalation, while the diaphragm descends. The converse happens while exhaling.
  5. The above movements should be slightly exaggerated. A strong nasal sound will accompany such breathing. The process should be rhythmic and controlled, maintaining the speed as per capacity.
  6. Do ten cycles to complete 1 round of Bhastrika Pranayama.


Recommended practice: Practice 3 rounds/session, with pause in-between rounds. Bhastrika Pranayama should be practised on an empty stomach, after evacuation in the morning.


Benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama

  • Great for energizing the body and mind.
  • Since we maximize our lung capacity while doing it, the pranayama helps remove toxins and impurities.
  • It helps in sinus, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues.
  • Improved awareness, perceptive power of senses.
  • It helps balance doshas.
  • Improves appetite and digestion capacity.



  • People having heart ailments, hypertension, high BP, fever, vertigo, pregnancy, intestinal disorders, spinal abnormalities and eye ailments, e.g. like a detached retina, glaucoma, should avoid.

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