Bakuchi - medical application in the area of skin disorders

P. corylifolia Linn. commonly known as ‘Bakuchi’ is conventionally used in Ayurvedic systems of medicine for the treatment of various pathological conditions but especially for treatment of skin disorders such as psoriasis, leukoderma and leprosy in the form of internal medications as well as external applications. 

Herb - Bakuchi

Ayurvedic Action

Rasa (Taste)Katu, Kasaya, Tikta
Virya (Energy)Ushna, Heating
Vipak (Post-digestive effect)Katu
Guna (Quality)Light, Unctuous
Doshic EffectV-P-K - Decreasing.

Health Benefits

Skin Health.

The plant has blood purifying properties. It is used to treat itching red papules, itching eruptions, extensive eczema with thickened dermis, ringworm, rough and discolored dermatosis, dermatosis with fissures, and scabies.

P. corylifolia is a very ancient remedy for leucoderma. The powder is used by Vaidyas internally for leprosy and leucoderma and externally in the form of paste and ointment.

Oil has a powerful effect on the skin Streptococci.  It helps fight vitiligo, a disorder in which patches of skin lose their pigmentation.  

It is used in the inflammatory diseases, mucomembranous disorders, dermatitis, and edematous conditions of the skin.  It also alleviates boils and skin eruptions. 

Seed extract powder is used for healing wounds.

Anti toxic effect.

Seeds are given in scorpion-sting and snake bite. 

Hair Problems

Seed extract powder is a good hair tonic and hence used in alopecia areata and hair loss.

Reproductive health

It is an effective invigorant against impotence, menstruation disorder, and uterine hemorrhage. It is a cure for gynecologic bleeding. It is also useful to treat spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation.

Cardiovascular system

 It shows coronary vasodilatory activity. The seeds act as de-obstruent, (Removing obstructions; having the power to clear or open the natural ducts of the fluids and secretions of the body). and heal ulcer, heart troubles, and cure blood disorders and also good for elephantiasis.

Bone health

P. corylifolia is used to promote bone calcification, making it useful for treating osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Liver diseases - Hepatoprotective Activity

P. corylifolia has significant hepatoprotective activity. Chemical constituents  like Bakuchiol , bakuchincin, and psoralen have been proved to be hepatoprotective.

Kidney health

The crude drug has been used for the treatment of enuresis, pollakiuria, painful feeling of cold in the waist and knees, and weak kidney. It is used in the treatment of debility and other problems related to kidney inefficiency, such as febrile disorders, low back pains, frequent urination, incontinence, and bed wetting.

Dosage and side effects (only after consultation with an ayurvedic doctor).

Seeds, seed oil, roots, and leaves

DOSE - 3-6 g of the drug in powder form.

  • Use with caution in pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • It is not given to patients suffering from liver diseases, lupus erythematosus, hydro porphyria, or other diseases associated with light sensitivity.
  • It is advised to avoid spicy diet, salt, and late nights during bakuchi regimen. 
  • Milk, ghee, and butter should be consumed in the diet.
  • Seed oil should be avoided on eyes, and it should be mixed with coconut oil before application, because it is thermogenic.



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