Ayurvedic compliant immunity boosting Diet

The diet chart given below not only helps to improve the chances of fighting against the microbes surrounding us but also helps in speedy recovery post any illness.

Immunity Boosting Diet
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The diet is based on the principles of nutrition and recommendations by Ministry of Ayush.

Early morningMenu/exercise recommendationsSignificance
6.30 a.m

Warm water + half lemon juice - 1 glass

Followed by a tsp of chyawanprash (sugar free for diabetics) after a gap of 15 min

Vitamin C for immunity and to keep the body alkaline. Boosts immunity.
7.00 a.mPranayama, meditation and Yoga - 20 minutes preferably under sunlightImproves lung capacity, immune boosting + daily dose of Vitamin D
8.00 a.mHerbal tea/Kadha - 100ml (5-6 tulsi leaves + ¼ tsp black pepper powder + ¼th cinnamon powder + ¼ th dry ginger powder + 6-7 dry raisins in 200ml water. Boil and reduce to half. Can add jaggery/lemon juice. Anti-inflammatory, anti microbial, cleanses digestive system, stimulates agni
9.00 a.m

1-2 anjeer/dates with 4-5 soaked almonds/walnuts +

Sprouts dosa/Millet dosa/Idli with Veg sambar/Millet or broken wheat upma/ boiled egg or omlet/Oats - upma 

High fibre, protein rich 
11.30 a.m2 oranges/1 kiwi/1 guava/watermelon/muskmelon/half pomegranateMultivitamin to boost immunity

1.30 a.m


1 cup salad + 2 whole wheat/jowar rotis + any veg preparation + Dal + Rice + buttermilkHigh fibre, moderate protein, high in micronutrients and alkaline in nature
4.30 p.m2 oranges/1 kiwi/1 guava/watermelon/muskmelon/half pomegranate/pineappleMultivitamin to boost immunity
5.30 p.mPranayama, Yoga/indoor exercises - 30 minutes 

7.30 p.m


2 whole wheat/jowar rotis with subzi or Rice + veg sambar or Rice + rasam + subzi or Veg Khichdi Light dinner

10 p.m.

Bed time

Turmeric milk - 150ml (½ tsp turmeric + a pinch of black pepper in warm milk)Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, sleep inducing, helps to calm nerves

Basic Guidelines 

  • Include 10-12 glasses of water (preferably warm) daily. Tulsi/mint leaves can be added to the drinking water 
  • Avoid excessive consumption of 4 whites - sugar, maida, salt, refined rice
  • Desserts, non veg and fried foods are restricted to once a week -  replace jaggery with sugar, use seed oil instead of refined oil, lean meat and fish is the preferred choice 
  • Stop smoking and reduce the consumption of alcohol 
  • Have at least 7 hours of good quality sleep. Elderly are advised to have a short nap in the afternoon too. 
  • Include some seeds (1 tsp daily) like flax/sunflower/pumpkin in your salads or to have as such after roasting lightly. 
  • Use turmeric, cumin, coriander and garlic daily in the cooking

Disclamer: The diet chart is to give an idea on healthy eating habits that can boost the immunity of a person. It is subject to change based on age, specific disease condition, illness/disease, prakruti, geographic location and food habits/preferences. 

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