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Ayurveda and Health Assessment

In our daily life we have to face or go through different events/stressful situations Over time, continued strain on our body from stress may give rise to serious health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other illnesses, including psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety.

Is it possible to prevent diseases arising due to stress? The answer is YES. The basic tool required for preventing/management of such diseases is Health Risk Assessment.

Health assessment is not only a medical checkup or physical health assessment, it also involves Ayurvedic way of analysing the inner health by considering your prakriti (constitution), and by reading your face.

In Ayurveda, facial diagnosis is a common practice and powerful diagnostic tool while prakriti is an important concept of Ayurveda that explains individuality. Anatomical, physiological and psychological characteristics differ from one person to another depending on his/her Prakriti.

The treatment becomes more effective when it is based on one’s Prakriti.

We at FindMyHealth use Artificial Intelligence for online health assessment and recommendation, making it possible to apply the Ayurvedic framework to regular use. We have built a unique self assessment tool using computer vision that allows identification of an individual's constitution/prakriti using their selfie. Based on this analysis a detailed report is generated. This report is analyzed again by the team of doctors.

The report generated by the online assessment gives a good idea about the health status. It gives a health score showing how well each of our physiological processes are working, that is digestive, cardiovascular health, bone health and so on. Based on the assessment, along with the doctor’s consultation, the personalized herb mix is formulated along with suggestions on lifestyle changes/ayurvedic based treatment.

The assessment can be taken by all the members of the family (family health assessment), which will give a fair idea of the health status of each family member making it easy for following the treatment protocol given by our doctors.

Health is wealth. Take this first step towards good health!